1. Logistic regression vs machine learning

Under construction. (1-5)

2. Multicategory probabilities using SVM or kernel logistic regression

Under construction. (6)

3. Comparison of imputation methods for missing values

Under construction. (7)

4. The clinical kernel method for predictors of different measurement types

Under construction. (8)

5. Applications of different methods to diagnose ovarian tumors

SVMs based on image processing. Under construction. (9, 10)

Least squares SVMs. Under construction. (11-13)

Relevance vector machines. Under construction. (12, 13)

Bayesian neural networks. Under construction. (12, 14, 15)

Sequential non-uniform procedure based on Naïve Bayes. Under construction. (16)

Genetic algorithms. Under construction. (17)

Rule extraction. Under construction. (18)

Interval-coded scoring system. Under construction. (19)

Bayesian networks. Under construction. (20, 21)


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